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I get very excited looking for new vendors to showcase that have a unique portfolio.  Most of the time I come across those that I find through the suggestions  area under a profile I'm looking at or in the Explore area of Instagram or Pinterest. When I came across Emily's work of Em's Custom Cookies, I fell in love with her latest image which is the cover I put for this post.  It wasn't the only work of art that I found on her page, so I can't wait to share my favorite cookies from her collection.

Party Like An Animal

CALLING ALL PARTY ANIMALS! In this event, you get to go wild with vivid blocks of colours. The carefully selected bright and bold tones will have all your guests roaring! This theme is the perfect example of how to add high contrast and depth to neutral spaces to make bold dramatic statements. The popping custom colours include Neon Rose Pink, Chartreuse, Kelly Green, Coral and Teal Turquoise.
Hello! Hello!

If it's not fun, it's not a party. While making party's pretty is key, don't forget to make it memorable. That includes all the extras: favors, games, gifts, and sometimes a funky outfit.

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Party Ideas