10 Amazing Cookies Designed by Anh Le DMD

10 Amazing Cookies Designed by Anh Le DMD

Meet The Designer!

Meet The Designer!

My first set of cookies was for my sons 4th birthday. I really wanted to DIY everything from decorations to treats so I ventured into decorating some Ninja Turtle cookies! It was so much fun but I didn’t think much of it! I then started offering to make cookies for many of my friend’s kid’s birthday parties. A year later I got my first paid order! Word started spreading and since then it’s been 2.5 years since I started selling cookies as a side hustle! I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, 8 and 6 respectively. My favorite pastime is to lounge on a warm beach, or lounge in my hammock in my backyard. My days are usually packed to the max, so when I get a chance I love to lounge. My friends call me the maximizer- always trying to maximize whether it’s working, or playing! I am a full time dentist! I think that’s why I love decorating cookies so much! I love fine details! My friends think the underlying reason for my cookie hobby is job security- haha! However I’m just trying to prove that it’s ok to have a bit of sugar here and there, moderation is key! I’m located in Happy Valley, Oregon. I love that I’ve been able to make cookies for so many kiddos in the area!

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Ten Amazing Cookies Designed by Anh Le DMD

Ahn Le had so many amazing cookies in her batch from Lama, to Yoda, to shark theme. Below are my top Ten favorite picks from Ahn Le for this months search.

1. Sunshine Care Bear Cookies

From the soft pink to the pastel yellow, these Sunshine Care Bear Cookies are great. I love the unique spin on the sun which reminds me for some reason of an Aztec sun. I love the alternating raised arches of the rainbow and bubbly clouds.

2. Beach and Summer Cookies

The color combo on these Beach Cookies of medium blue, different shades of aqua, sandy beige, white, with the contrasting black, make them pop. The texture of the waves and sand are spot on. The movement and attention to details on the starfish are beautiful.


3. Mermaid and Under The Sea Cookies

Who knew you could put these different shades of pink together with mint green. I love the cookie with the raised edges and an inlay silhouette of a mermaid. The seahorse is so cute and fun with its little ivory belly. The coral and bubble designs are delicate and tie it all in for these Mermaid Cookies.

4. Teddy Bear Cookies

My favorite has to be the teddy bear holding the balloons. It looks like it’s happy and waiting to go to a party to celebrate. I love the unique design on the onesie with the tiny teddy bear in the upper corner of the chest. I love the ruffle detail on the arms of the romper.  These Teddy Bear Cookies are complimented with the mix of light brown, ivory, gold, and beige.


5. Hot Air Balloon Cookies

This Hot Air Balloon cookie set is very adventurous. I love the roses on the upper portion of the balloon connecting the rope. The airbrushed clouds form a beautiful ombre and separation of color. The globes have a vintage stamped texture that makes it stand out from the background.

6. Pastel Unicorn Cookies

This Unicorn is like the Diva of Unicorns; I love the eyes. This Unicorn cookie set combines lavender, aqua, baby pink, coral pink, gold, and white. If I had to choose between being a horse or a unicorn, I’d pick unicorn every time.


7. Donut Cookies

The color combination for these Donut themed Cookies are dark chocolate brown, aqua, coral, white, and pink. I love the donut stand with the cursive handwriting that reads “sprinkled with love”. The platter with the stacked donuts is super cute.

8. Ice Cream Cookies

I’m screaming over the soft vintage hues of these Ice Cream themed cookies. They feature Robins Egg blue, Icy Pink, 
Wisteria Purple, and Ivory. I love the cookie with the strung tassel garland and curved edges. The texture on the rim of the ice cream looks real like it was just scooped up and is ready to be eaten.


9. Nurse Cookies

These Nurse theme cookies showcase the famous blue scrubs, white lab coat, and medical grade mask. Red, white, black, and aqua is continuous throughout making them cohesive. The “Not All Heroes Wear Capes” cookie is right with the ongoing Pandemic that has made us all appreciate our selves and loved ones.

10.Alice In Wonderland Cookies

I LOVE Alice In Wonderland, so these cookies are definitely at the top of my favorite. I love the Cheshire Cat, his face is identical to the cartoon drawing from the Disney Animation. The Mad Hatter hat with the large card and flowers is just elegant. I love the face and gold color used for the door knob. These cookies feature different combinations of pinks, aqua, blue, gold, and ivory white.


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