Erica’s 40 and Fabulous Birthday Celebration

Erica’s 40 and Fabulous Birthday Celebration

Meet The Designer!

Meet The Designer!

I'm a mom of 2 children, so putting together small gatherings at home is pretty standard. I love designing and making things look pretty whether its my home, someone's website, or my families personal parties.

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Let’s Talk Details About This Party

Erica LOVES celebrating her birthday every year, so when the big 40 was coming up, I knew we had to make it as grand as we could; even with the pandemic.  She is really into pink and black, so I couldn’t help but want to incorporate black and white stripes into the decor to give it a glam and barbie inspired flair.  Her now fiancé Jorgie shared his plans of proposing to her with me, so I wanted to incorporate their engagement somewhere into the party as well.  With all the necessary safety precautions and venue restrictions, we ended up renting a house in East Hamptons Long Island, which worked out beautifully.  The space for this intimate 11 person gathering (not including the 2 little babies), was perfect.

Room Decor

With this event taking place at home I wanted it to look as authentic as possible to what you would expect at a venue. On the dinner table I used a black and white stripe table runner, black table cloth that almost touched the floor, shiny gold candelabra, goblets with this beautiful design for toasting, black napkins, faux pink peony flowers, and gold plastic utensils.  The size of the table runners are13" x 108" and the black round table cloth was 120".  Make sure to measure the width across your table and how much hangover the sides you want for your table cloth.

Incorporating the gold candelabras into the décor with real lit candles, made the room look in my opinion “romantic and elegant”. It completely changed the feel of the room and gave it the wow factor when you walked in. I set the table for 11 adults to eat.


I found these really great napkins on Amazon that I tied in the center using bakers twine.  I wanted a hot pink peony type flower that looked full and round. I bought the flowers at Micheals, but found almost identical flowers on Amazon.  I set the flower and napkin on top of a white plastic plate that looked like it was made of ceramic. The design and durability of the goblets made them look like they were made of glass. Taking the time to look for the right items to put together, made the party stunning.

Dessert Table

On this table we used a Black rectangular shaped table cloth that was 90" x 132".  For the balloon garland I used fuchsia, pink, and chrome gold in three different sizes, 5”, 11” and 24”. The total length was close to 20 feet from left to right. I used a pipe and drape pole system to wrap the balloons on to keep them off the wall. If you need help making a balloon garland, head on over to our other post to learn how. CLICK HERE


There were so many ideas that I saw for black and white stripe designer cookies as well as engagement themed cookies. The owner at Sparkle Desserts meshed the two really well.


The Cake

I love drip cakes! Once the color scheme was established, I knew the cake just had to be white with a dark chocolate drip. The cake was also made by Sparkle Desserts.  On top of the cake I placed a single hot pink peony flower, our black acrylic girl boss cake topper, and a custom made by us, gold glitter “Erica’s 40 & Fabulous” cake topper.


Before lighting the candles, we took off the cake topper and flower as a safety precaution. We didn’t want anything to catch on fire. We moved the acrylic cake topper to the front of the cake away from the candles.


Simple Food Setup

We planned ahead for catering by searching for places to eat in the area of the house we were hosting the celebration at. Everyone enjoyed a mix of dishes including sandwiches, maki rolls (Spicy Tuna Crunchy rolls, Alaskan Rolls, and California rolls) Chicken Francese, Pasta Carbonara, and Pasta Primavera.  Across the bar I used another black and white stripe table runner and placed a large lipstick balloon upright for decor, which later was used as a photo prop.

I wanted to display an image that reminded me of Erica and her cute funky buns. I paired the illustration with both cursive and print fonts. At the end of the night we said a toast with some sparkly Korbel champagne


Where To Get It

Bakers Twine BUY HERE


Gold Utensils BUY HERE

Napkins BUY HERE

Pipe and Drape Pole Stand BUY HERE or BUY HERE

Goblets BUY HERE

Black Rectangular Tablecloths BUY HERE

Black Round Tablecloths BUY HERE

Black and White Stripe Table Runner BUY HERE

Gold Candelabras (we used "regular gold") BUY HERE

Hot Pink Flowers BUY HERE

Electric Balloon Pump BUY HERE

White Cake Stand BUY HERE

Multi Tier Cupcake Stand BUY HERE

Step Acrylic Dessert Stand BUY HERE

Black and White Stripe 18" Round Balloons BUY HERE

Champagne Bottle Balloon BUY HERE

Lipstick Balloon BUY HERE

Pink Latex Balloons BUY HERE

Gold Chrome Balloons BUY HERE

Heart Decals BUY HERE

Invitation BUY HERE



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