Kimberly's Butterfly Garden Celebration

Kimberly's Butterfly Garden Celebration

Meet The Designer!

Meet The Designer!

I'm a mom of 2 children, so putting together small gatherings at home is pretty standard. I love designing and making things look pretty whether its my home, someones website, or my families personal parties.

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Let's Talk Details About This Party

2019 was a big year for my sister-in-law Kimberly.  Not only was she turning the big 25, she was also graduating from college as a Registered Nurse.  She was really excited about having a party to celebrate both occasions at once and I was all for helping her make it beautiful.  Before we started making any purchases, we first ran through different color schemes to see what she liked.  The color periwinkle was a must have to represent her father who passed away from colon cancer.  After going through different color palettes she fell in love with pastel water colors.  Based on that I thought nature would be a great concept to play on for the rest of the feel of the party decor.  I went in search of different flowers, rustic wood items, butterflies (which reminded her of a song dedicated to her by her dad), vintage garden metal decorative pieces, and anything made of glass.  The color scheme included periwinkle, peach pink, aqua, black, white, and silver.

Cake and Dessert Table

The Disney animation Beauty and the Beast reminded Kimberly of her parents.  We used peach roses based on the flower used in the movie, which featured a red enchanted rose.

What better than a wood box cake stand to go with the flowers and nature feel.  The cake stand was custom stained and painted by Primitive Weddings in a Dark Walnut color in a 14 x 14 inch size.


The cake inspiration came from different sources and were combined into this beauty.  The base of the cake had a periwinkle and white marble/watercolor pattern.  Since this was a celebration for both her birthday and graduation from Nursing School, we added a stethoscope, diploma, and heart rhythm pattern.  The cake was delicious and made by Galabashers.

In Beauty and the Beast, the enchanted rose is inside of a glass dome. I thought the bird cage was a cute spin on it and went really well with the teal rose inside with the fairy lights to highlight/illuminate it. The bird feeder cake stand, bird cage, LED remote controlled candles, floor wooden lanterns, and glass jars were purchased at Michaels as well.


Kimberly attended another event where Francis from Broomfield Bakes, made these beautiful flower topped cupcakes. They were a must for this dessert table along with some butterfly cupcake toppers.

Table Arrangements

The tables were designed to be light and to make you feel like you were in a garden. I used a long lavender hydrangea garland with real babies breath placed throughout. In tulip shape clear vases were beautiful floral arrangements from Teddy’s Florist of Astoria, New York, that featured white hydrangeas sprayed pink. I can’t remember the name of the accent flowers used. In smaller clear jars I places teal colored hydrangeas to match the rose on the dessert table. Ivory Tablecloths and rose gold sequin runners were used as the base.


We wanted something unique on the tables that would add light. We went with clear glass wine bottles and fairy light cork tops. I wanted inspirational quotes that represented a change in life. I found all of them by doing some research on Google. All the labels were a custom design that I should have up on our shop soon. I will paste the link below. I printed the labels at Twins Print which has two locations in New York City.


Butterflies were added to the top of the flowers to carry it through the theme of the party.

I loved the light the bottles gave off. They really added a soft glow throughout the room.


Picture Table

I tried to buy flowers that matched the color scheme as well. I didn’t want paper cardstock flowers because I really wanted the texture of tissue paper flowers. I wanted this table to be all about Kimberly. The table showcased beautiful printed photos, The Florence Nightingale Nurses Pledge which was custom designed and printed on a watercolor background, and all things inspiring including the gold RN letters, DREAM decorative stand, rose gold class of 2019 and polk-a-dot garland. The Aqua tulle tutu table skirt was custom made by us. The table ended up being larger then expected so we had to spread out the knots. It also would’ve looked better paired with an aqua tablecloth underneath.


Kimberly had a ton of beautiful photos that we wanted to showcase. We used a silver picture frame, hot glued twine across, and added small clothes pins to hold the pictures.

Smaller Details

To go with the nursing theme, guests were able to drink from these really cool ”Blood” filled bags. On the side guests were able to enjoy sangria.

Shots were chilled over a bowl of ice in plastic syringes.


Where To Get It

Wood Cake Stand BUY HERE

All the flowers (garlands, long stem branches, roses, and hydrangeas BUY HERE

Star Lights Garland BUY HERE

String Curtain Lights for Table Skirts BUY HERE

Pipe and Drape Pole Stand BUY HERE or BUY HERE

White Sheer Backdrop Curtains BUY HERE

Ivory Tablecloths BUY HERE

Rose Gold Sequin Table Runners BUY HERE

Clear Glass Wine Bottles BUY HERE

Fairy Light Cork Tops BUY HERE

Butterflies BUY HERE

Paper Straws BUY HERE

Class Of Graduation Garland BUY HERE

Tissue Paper Flowers BUY HERE

Blood Bags BUY HERE

Plastic Syringes BUY HERE

Drink Dispenser BUY HERE

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