Marcus’ Sweet Shoppe Baby Shower

Marcus’ Sweet Shoppe Baby Shower

Meet The Designer!

Meet The Designer!

I'm a mom of 2 children, so putting together small gatherings at home is pretty standard. I love designing and making things look pretty whether its my home, someone's website, or my families personal parties.

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Let's Get Into The Details About This Party

Back in 2016 when I had my physical store, I did this really cute pastel kids party setup as a store display for the customers walking by. I remember thinking back then that if I was blessed with another child, I would do an ice cream theme. When we found out we were expecting it was right at the start of the Corona Virus pandemic. As the months went on and the safety precautions increased, I really did not expect to have a shower at all. Some friends suggested hosting something online, but I didn’t want to unless I could have people be physically present. For me a celebration is not about receiving presents, but about the memories created while surrounded by the people that mean a lot to you. Around June of 2020, we decided we were going to host three separate baby shower parties to break up the groups. It ended up being two groups and even that was a lot of people with about 15 people per group. I wanted the pastel colors used for the party to look neutral so that it wasn’t screaming magical unicorn or Sesame Street. I focused on grey as the primary color, aqua as my secondary color, dark brown for a rich contrast, and the pastel colors (light blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, and peach) being complimentary and sparse.

Sweet Shoppe Setup

When I first started planning out the design elements for the baby shower, I kept it strictly ice cream theme. During this pregnancy I wanted ice cream and French fries A LOT! It was such an appropriate theme even more so because of that craving. When I think of an Old School Ice Cream Soda Shoppe, I think of stripe patterns. I used the stripes on this custom awning I made to go over the dessert table, the invitation, thank you card, plates, and cups. I went with a really nice grey and white medium weight fabric for the awning that had minimal stretch.

Wanting and eating ice cream often didn’t happen till after my 5th month of pregnancy. Before that I kind of stayed away from milk. I don’t know why, but the flavor bothered me and left a bizarre vinegar after flavor. Side note, my son (6 months now) has an allergy to everything dairy (milk, butter, and cheese), so I’m on a highly restrictive diet. With my ice cream craving coming late in the game, I did want to expand the theme to all the sweets I love to eat and barely ate while pregnant. Why did I stay away from eating so many sweet things? Everything that was too sweet bothered me and when it didn’t I was worried about the baby gaining too much unhealthy weight and having a sugar addiction.


Closeup of the sign.

OMG, I can’t emphasize enough how much I love ice cream. I can probably attribute that to my grandfather who loved to give me bowls with heaping scoops of vanilla and strawberry ice cream. UGH! So Yum! For the ice cream topping selection we went with almonds, chocolate chip cookies, Oreo cookies, brownies, sprinkles, wafer cones, whip cream, chocolate fudge, and caramel sauce. I used mini scoopers to keep little and big hands out of the bowl for sanitary reasons (not just because of covid). Our cake was initially suppose to be a custom made ice cream theme cake, but once the shower was made into two separate parties, that was just not possible. We bought two separate Seven Layer Chocolate Moose Cakes from Martha’s Bakery in Forest Hills Queens, NY. The variety of glazed donuts came from good old Dunkin Donuts two blocks away from our home.


I was really nervous to have so many people in our home at once. Fifteen people may not sound like a lot, but in an apartment of our size, it felt like a lot. The cake didn’t come out till half way through the party because the apartment felt really warm that day from all the cooking. I didn’t want the cake to become a chocolate fondue. We kept a box floor fan running with the windows open to keep air circulating and the apartment cool.

During the summer I redid my daughters room with a whole new organization system from IKEA. That allowed me to free up and repurpose her old bookcase to use for the baby shower. We gave it a fresh new coat of white paint and filled it with all these delicious homemade desserts which included Cake Pops, Tres Leche, Brownies (Milk and Dark Chocolate), Cupcakes, and Chocolate Chips Cookies. I took mini chalkboards as food labels and flipped them around so they would stand better. I used an aqua mail organizer that I purchased at Staples a few years ago, to hold the napkins and utensils.


I used mini chalkboards as food labels and flipped them around so they would stand better. I have made cake pops a few times now and I still have not had one. I don’t know why I haven’t tried one myself, but everyone loved them. I didn’t want all the cake pops to be the same, so we only did two for each sprinkle type. The sprinkles from Layer Cake Shop are absolutely beautiful! This wasn’t my first time purchasing from them and it won’t be my last. I set the cake pops on top of Gold Cake Pop sticks.

I love Cream Cheese Frosting, especially on carrot cake and red velvet cake. Even though these cupcakes were chocolate and yellow cake, I still wanted Cream cheese Frosting. I was not disappointed on blending this frosting with the two other cake flavors. FYI, it was a sweet cupcake when you took a bite of the frosting plus sprinkles.


Tres Leche (Three Milk) Cake, is so good! If you are lactose intolerant I think you’ll want to drink two Lactaid pills for this. Originally we were going to serve them in large vintage sundae glasses, but they were expensive. I found these mini shot glass height cups and they worked just fine. Once these little desserts were topped with the milk blend, whip cream, and sprinkles, a large cup might have been too much. After all, there were so many other desserts to select from. The mini straws that went into each cup were regular size straws that I cut into thirds.

Every time we have a gathering or event, we ask my sister in-law Kimberly to make these chocolate chip cookies. They’re so good when they come out of the oven. We had two different brownies at the shower, dark chocolate brownies and milk chocolate brownies. Thank goodness my sister in-law Kimberly and friend Carine made them. I was already pooped to make anything else.


At first we were going to go with clear plastic ice cream cups, but I wasn’t crazy at how they looked or their durability. After searching for some time, I saw these cups and fell in love with them. We had a hard time deciding on a color so we went with both aqua and silver. I printed these mini custom Marcus Sweet Shoppe labels that matched the sign above the dessert table on sticker paper and cut each one out by hand. I think it made the cups look so much nicer then if they had been displayed plain. It made them look like what you would expect from a branded Sweet Shoppe. Instead of using regular large spoons we used mini wood spoons which I displayed in a mini glass vase.

For the food and drinks we used these beautiful silver foil stripe paper plates and cups. For extras, we used plain white plates and cups. I used an aqua mail organizer that I purchased at Staples a few years ago, to hold the napkins and utensils.


I wanted to make sure everyone had a favor to take home, but I didn’t want what we had already to go to waste. So I gave them empty gable and square boxes to fill up with all the treats. Same idea like a cady store giving you empty bags that you have to fill up on your own. On the boxes I used the same labels, but I adjusted the sizes depending on the box.

You can’t have a shop without a menu displayed. I made this by hand using Chalkboard contact paper, liquid chalk markers, and a ruler. I used the ruler to make the boxes, but the rest I free hand as I went along. I’m just glad I didn’t mess it up because the markers don’t seem to wipe off once they dry. On the wall are “sprinkle” balloons made using 260 twister balloons. I’ll talk more on them below.


Close up of this really cute Chalkboard Menu.  Everything written on it was actually served at the baby shower. 

At our first baby shower we had these really good sandwiches which were all on a bagel wheel. I only had two bites, before my plate was taken by the venue staff the first time around. With this shower being sweets theme, a donut shaped Chicken Parmesan sandwich seemed most appropriate. What else was on the menu? Some really good food that got me through the entire pregnancy and that included pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, French fries, and mozzarella sticks.


If you’re limited for space or you want to arrange your condiments creatively, use a mail organizer. The buns were placed on a metal cupcake two tier stand and were put out only when it was time to eat so the bread didn’t get stale. We placed French fries and mozzarella sticks in diagonal stripe glassine bags that we cut down in half.

Our living room needed a good amount of space for gifts, some decorations, and seating. Around the arch way from the dining room into the living room I made a pastel sprinkle balloon garland. I’ll update this post soon with a link on how to make the garland.


The balloon garland was a mix of 5”, 11”, and 260 twister balloons. It made me want ice cream for sure.

I love tissue tassel garlands. They’re just so much fun from the way that they look to the movement they give when any wind flows through them when you walk by. Around the rest of the space we scattered large inflatable ice cream cones, donuts, sprinkles, and another Marcus Sweet Shoppe sign.


I couldn’t leave the bathroom without some love. When I was much younger, I once read a bathroom sign that said “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie. Because of that I had to have a sign that played on cleaning up your “sprinkles”. Next to it was this cute candle that I found while I was searching for ice cream candle favors to give out to guests. They were a little pricey, so I just got one for our bathroom.

I took a picture of these balloons a day after they were blown up and hung outside. Everyone knew there was a Sweet Little Baby on the way.


We had so much fun playing different games. Since we had family and friends also on Zoom, I took a screen shot and sent them the images so they could follow along.


Where To Get It

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