My Favorite Cookie Designs from Em's Custom Cookies

My Favorite Cookie Designs from Em's Custom Cookies

Meet The Designer!

Meet The Designer!

My name is Emily Solomos and im 24 years old. I live on long island (yes on, not in) and I graduated from Iona college in 2019 with a bachelors in marketing and economics. I currently work full time as a Marketplace specialist for a vitamin and supplement company, but I love to make cookies in my free time! I've always loved art; like drawing and painting; so turning that into something edible that others can enjoy has changed my life. I love seeing people enjoy the look of my cookies, but also the taste since they are cookies after all! I know my life will be changing constantly, but I know that cookies will be a part of it forever.

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My Favorite Cookie Designs From Em's Custom Cookies

I get very excited looking for new vendors to showcase that have a unique portfolio.  Most of the time I come across those that I find through the suggestions  area under a profile I'm looking at or in the Explore area of Instagram or Pinterest. When I came across Emily's work of Em's Custom Cookies, I fell in love with her latest image which is the cover I put for this post.  It wasn't the only work of art that I found on her page, so I can't wait to share my favorite cookies from her collection.

1. Blue Disney Bridal Shower Cookies

This set has so many beautiful details.  First I love the shade of blue used for the cookies with the Cinderella carriage and Disney Castle.  Second the fine line work for the handwriting and leaves on the easel work so well together.  I like how she added realistic touches to the wood by making it multi colored, rather than a solid brown.  Third is the painted flowers using a blue that reminds me of Mediterranean artwork from Greece.

2. Cocktail Cart Cookies

This has to be the most unique cookie art I've seen yet.  It's completely different making it almost like painting a realistic image, but in cookie form.


3. Diamond Jewelry Cookies

If you look quickly you'll never notice that these are cookies and not real jewelry on a paper cardboard.  From the crystallization to the "foil stamped" Kate Spade name, it looks like I should be buying them to wear them and not eat them.

4. Fall Pumpkin Cookies

I love so many features for this Fall sign cookie!  The pumpkins are all different tones of ivory and have a lot of dimension so they look like they're round and are elevated coming away from the cookie rather than laying flat.  Looking at the words "hello FALL" is another example of how good she is with fine line work.  I love the rope handle for hanging this "sign" and the wood texture and color.The flowers that surround the pumpkins are just as beautiful and form a wonderful bouquet.


5. Floral Wedding Cookies

This is my favorite set that started it all.  Look at the crinkled paper texture on the cookie with the letter S.  I love the trim around the frame which reminds me of what you would find around lace doilies.  I love the "Future Mr. and Ms. ..." planter box cookie with the ivory front and mixed assortment of bloomed and not bloomed flowers.  Even the calendar cookie with the flower on the bottom edge and clean grid lines, is done so well.

6. Flower Girl Cookies

This is such a unique way to ask a little special someone to be a flower girl.  I know that if I received this cookie, I would've jumped up and down with joy to not only be a flower girl, but to receive such a pretty cookie.


7. Foxy Love Valentine's Day Cookies

These cookies are so pretty.  The foxes face is delicate and the mauve pink shades used on it are soft and not overwhelming.  I like that she used flowers other then roses, which is pretty typical for Valentine's Day.

8. Groovy 70's Theme Cookies

Let's start off with talking about that macrame work.  Macrame is an Aztec form of tapestry and can get very complicated when planning out patterns.  She recreated the double half hitch and square knot's really well.  I love the pink Volkswagen and cookie with Ella on it.  All these cookies are very reminiscent of the 70's groovy era.


9. Flowers and Cake Cookies

Look at the almost geometric like flower cookie.  It's beautiful!  I can get lost just following the flow of the lines.  I love the cookie with the four layers of cake.  The painting affect on the sponge cake area makes it look like its ready to serve.

10. Vibrant Mother's Day Cookies

My favorite part about these Mother's Day cookies is not just the simplicity, but the unexpected combination of contrasting colors.  I love the dark teal background with the water color flowers on top.  I love the minimal line work to shape the flowers and the way the colors bleed around the lines of the flower.


11. Home Sweet Home Cookies

These cookies make you feel at home from the Welcome door mat, to the ivory brick painted cottage, to the wreath with berries and pink flowers.

12. Welcome To Your New Home Cookies

These cookies really are "Welcoming", no pun intended....jk it was 100% intended hhehehe.  No but really, let's look at everything that went into making this set.  I love the blanket on the off white recliner.  Is it me or does the blanket looks velvety?  The "burlap" ribbon on the cookie that says Maria and Ryan on it came out really nice.  The color on the basket weave planter is spot on with just enough red in it.  I love the large "Celebrate Your New Home Milestone Candle" cookie.  The inner white was just the right touch on the flame.


13. Pink Anenome Flower Cookies

Anemone's are my favorite flower, so these soft peach pink flowers with black centers are stunning.  From the centers to the petals, they came out wonderfully.

14. Rainbow Tapestry Cookies

This rainbow cookie is so cool! It reminds me of not just a tapestry, but like a braided carpet.

15. The Office TV Show Cookies

The TV show "The Office", is hilarious and a favorite for a lot of people.  I love the exaggerated Noooooo!!! cookie with Steve Carell who plays Michael Scott.  Whenever he's part of a cast you know that there's going to be some pretty funny and over the top scenes.  I also love the Dwight Schrute silhouette FACT cookie, with his light brown hair and silver glasses. 


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