Our Sunshine Masha is One

Our Sunshine Masha is One

Meet The Designers!

Meet The Designers!

Hi! My names Carly and I manage, coordinate and own Sassy Snaps Perth! I’m a mum of two young boys; Sam and Noah, and started this business is 2015 with my mum. I now run it by myself after my mum pursued a career in nursing and I followed the party bug while remaining a stay at home mum for now. I love planning parties! My favourite are kids parties but I also love planning baby showers, engagements, hens, christenings and more! (I haven’t worked my way up to weddings yet - sorry!) Unless I’ve got a photographer available, most photos of our events you see are taken by me too. I wear a few hats and also love doing all the stationary for our events too! I work with the best industry vendors to bring your event to life. If you have a vendor whom you prefer just let me know and we can arrange!

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If it's not fun, it's not a party. While making party's pretty is key, don't forget to make it memorable. That includes all the extras: favors, games, gifts, and sometimes a funky outfit.

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