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Nikos Dino Park Birthday

Niko’s World was one of the most fun events to design. From the cool color palette to every detail involved, it was full of spectacular, Jurassic elements. First, there was a huge dino egg at the center of the kids table which was full of goodies in the inside. Next, the amazing cake along with the hand painted cookies were just too wonderful. Plus, we had Oreos in the shape of dinosaurs, dino eggs and cakepops as desserts. Every dessert was made to match the theme. In the end, it was definitely a fun event.
Erica LOVES celebrating her birthday every year, so when the big 40 was coming up, I knew we had to make it as grand as we could; even with the pandemic.  She is really into pink and black, so I couldn’t help but want to incorporate black and white stripes into the decor to give it a glam and barbie inspired flair.

Emzy's Boho and Rainbow 1st Birthday Party

Boho, is truly a beautiful and popular theme that even though it is the “same” concept, it has had different results when seen through the lens of different event planners. Johanny of Creative Touch By Johanny, came up with this soft and complimentary color palette full of pink, beige, green, and brown hues. Deciding on the right shades truly set the rest of the tone for this cute event for Ezmy’s first birthday full of rainbows and nature derived details.
Hello! Hello!

If it's not fun, it's not a party. While making party's pretty is key, don't forget to make it memorable. That includes all the extras: favors, games, gifts, and sometimes a funky outfit.

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