How to Make a TikTok Theme Balloon Bouquet

If you haven't heard about TikTok yet, you need to look them up. They have become the most popular and highly used social engaging video app among users across the globe in 2020. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, TikTok is a fan favorite among all ages. Content on the platform can be found on a variety of topics including education, comedy, craft, dance, cooking, music, and more.  If you came to this article you probably already know how much everyone loves TikTok, especially children.  Go Figure!

So you want to learn how to make a TikTok theme Balloon Bouquet huh?  Well I got you covered.  Below I'll give you a list of the materials you'll need, where to get them if we don't sell them, and step by step of how to put it all together. I try to add video to all of my articles to help along with what I write.  If the video is missing or not playing please contact us and let us know.

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TikTok Balloon Bouquet

Supply List (Click any link below to add it to your cart and purchase it)

1. 18" Black Foil Heart Balloon

2. 8" Width Personalized Vinyl Decal from us or if you're making your own you'll need (Premium Gloss White Vinyl and Cricut Maker Machine)

3. 260 Twister Balloons in Caribbean Blue

4. 260 Twister Balloons in Fuchsia

5. 34" Black Foil Number 9 balloon

6. Large TikTok Note balloon

7. 11" Latex Balloons in Fuchsia

8. 11" Latex Balloons in Turquoise or Caribbean Blue

9. 11" Latex Balloons in Black

10. 11" Latex Balloons in White

11. Professional Grade Glue Dots or Tape

12. Hand Balloon Pump

13. Electric Balloon Pump

14. Fishing Wire or Bakers Twine

15. Command Strips

16. Balloon Sizer

17. Goffik-Outline Font or find something else on or


Assembling Your TikTok Balloon Bouquet

You don't have to be a certified balloon artist to make it.  You just need the write tools and our instructions.  You can follow along in my video and the steps that I've written below. I try to make my written notes as detailed as my video so that they are both accessible to those who are visually or hearing impaired.


1. Assemble your base using the 11" Latex Balloons in Fuchsia, Black, White, and Turquoise or Caribbean Blue.  Now I mention either Turquoise or Caribbean Blue because the shades are both great for the theme and either one can be substituted in case one is not available.  Using either the electric balloon pump or the manual hand pump, you're going to begin inflating 12 of your 11" Latex Balloons. 

  • How do I know when to stop inflating? When the balloon pops of course! No No I kid.  If you're using the manual hand pump I like to do 13 to 14 pumps.  Each pump both up and down is counted as one pump.  So you're basically doing a set of 6 to 7 full strokes.  If you're using the electric balloon pump I suggest using a balloon sizer or using some type of marking to measure the height of each balloon.
  • How do I tie a knot in each balloon? You can either tie a loop knot on each balloon individually, or tie 2 balloons together using the neck of their balloons to form a pair.  If you tie each balloon individually, you will have to tie them together later.  To tie a knot you're going to wrap the neck of the balloons where you inflate the balloon from around 2 of your fingers.  Loop over then around to form a circle and pull the latex piece through to tie it off and stop any air from escaping.  If you're tying 2 balloons together you're going to cross their necks over each other forming an x or cross, flap one neck piece completely around the other so they're intertwined, now cross them again to form a loop, and pull one neck through the hole to stop the air from escaping.
  • How do I make pairs?  Use the steps above to form balloon pairs.
  • How do I make quads out of pairs? You're going to lay one pair on top of the other to form a cross, then pick 2 balloons to twist around each other.  Do the same for another set of 2 balloons.
  • What color arrangement did I use in my base? I tied them in pairs as follows: 

    Bottom Row

    1st Pair (Fuchsia and White) | 2nd Pair (Turquoise and Black)

    Middle Row

    Two sets of Black and Black

    Top Row

    1st Pair (Fuchsia and Turquoise) | 2nd Pair (White and Turquoise)
  • Creating a base layer

Take your fishing wire or bakers twine and loop it through and around your bottom layer quad.  Tie a knot and do another loop again around the neck of a balloon.  Lay the layer flat on the floor so you're able to look down at it on the floor or table (wherever your working on).  Grab the fishing wire that is connected to that layer and loop it through/in between the next layer balloons.  Wrap the fishing wire twice around the neck of one balloon in the Middle Layer quad and then twice around another balloon in that same layer forming an infinity symbol.  Lay the Middle layer quad on top of the bottom layer quad rotated so it sits in between the balloons.  Follow this same process when adding the Top Layer quad to the base.

2. Adding the Black Foil Number 9 Balloon


3. Personalizing and Adding the 18” Black Foil Heart Balloon.  Inflate your 18” black foil heart balloon.  Add your vinyl decal at this point in case you damage it.  You don’t want to have to fix the balloon after its been attached. I used the Goffik-Outline font for the Vinyl decal.  I included a link above in the Supply List to where you can download it.  Tie the heart to the base using the same method as the number 9 with a black 260 balloon.  To secure it and stop it from moving use your preferred adhesive and stick the heart balloon to the number 9 once you have it angled and positioned correctly.

4. Creating a headset out of balloons.  

  • To form the top of the headset use your Caribbean Blue or Turquoise colored 260.  Inflate it partially, bend it slightly to make sure it is flexible, and tie a knot at the neck of the balloon.  You want to make sure that both ends of the balloon have extra latex that are not inflated.  You can tie off each side and cut off the extra length.  Using a Glue dot or Dash tape, stick one side of the 260 to the top of the right and left of the heart balloon.  
  • To form the coil of the headset take another 260, inflate it fully, then release all of the air.  Wrap that 260 around a pole or stick that is about 1-2 inches thick and inflate the balloon while it is still wrapped around it.  This should form a coil.  Stick one side of the coil to the top of the headset and the other side of the coil in between 2 balloons in the top layer of the base.
  • To form the pink ear covering of the headset take a Fuchsia 260 and inflate it partially.  Do not blow it up fully or else this will make the balloon unable to bend.  Rotate and coil the balloon around itself while using glue dots or tape along the way, to stick it to itself.  Hide the tied off pieces of the balloon to the back of the coil.  Add a piece of adhesive to the back of the coil and stick it to heart balloon where it meets the top of the headset.  Repeat this process twice.

5. Adding the TikTok Note Balloon.  After inflating your TikTok note balloon, use a piece of adhesive and attach it to the number 9 balloon and latex balloon in the top layer of the base.

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