Aqua Rhinestone Mesh Bling Ribbon

Aqua Rhinestone Mesh Bling Ribbon


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Aqua Rhinestone Mesh also called Bling Ribbon, Diamond Mesh, or Diamond Ribbon; is perfect for creating a range of DIY projects from lollipop sticks, card boxes, runners, placemats, napkin rings, blinged out bouquet holders, rhinestone letters, cake wraps, cake stands, candles, and vases.  The mesh is a multi faceted poly acrylic sheet that measures 4 inches in width x 30 feet in length (10 yards) with 24 rows of simulated stones.  It easily bends to fit around most shapes and can be cut with a scissor to glue and cover any item that you want to add a faux diamond look to. It’s usage extends itself into any occasion including weddings, birthdays, baby shower, bachelorette, graduation, and bridal shower.

Please Note this is a faux diamond and does not contain any rhinestones, gems, crystals, or diamonds.

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